Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Finished Hoop Skirt!

I finished it! It was scary but I did it! This is probably the third hardest thing I've had to make so far (between the shift and the bum roll). It was all machine stitched, except for the closures of the hoop channels! To start, the finished product!

As you can see it looks pretty good! It was also quite difficult to get down the stairs and squeezed in front of the only floor length mirrors in my house! It's made with a cream muslin, twill tape for the drawstring and channels and the hoops are actually water plumbing pipes from home depot! They're fitted together with the connectors you would use in the house! 

Here are the pipes! I wasn't sure when I was putting them in if they were the right length but once I even the material out around them they were a perfect fit! I do have some tweaking to do with this one (seems like it with all my projects) but I would happily wear it out as it is! Now I wish I had a dress to put on over it. The next challenge is going to be the corset. Once that's done I'll start looking for a nice material for a petticoat. Once the petticoat(s) are done I'll finally start on the gown! I'm hoping to have a dress form by then that I can customize to my size. This is so exciting!

Fairy tale setting outside my house today!

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