Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Tounure fit for Royalty!

Phew! I'm all caught up! I just finished this today! It took me about 6 hours (I took a break to bake a cake!) and was awesome! I just need a moment to say: Oh my god! This is such a fantastic item! I love how it fits and sits and it's so light and comfy! It's Truly Victorian's (see a pattern here? haha pun intended!) TV163 Imperial Tounure! It went together so easily!

This is the ruffles pinned on just before sewing. The boning channels are already on and I think they may have been the trickiest bit just because the material kept wanting to fold around them. 

The ruffles sewn on! They look so nice and add a nice flair to the bottom.

Yay it's one! My camera isn't too clear (not sure why, I just cleaned it) but the front is nice. I like how it is open in the front and the sides keep it from slipping around.

The back! It's so bumped out! This pattern comes in two sizes: Regular and Imperial which is bigger. I chose to make the Imperial because I wanted nice a big in the back! 

I got my hubby to take these pictures! It looks just like a lobster tail! It's fantastic! It also feels like it can hold up a lot of weight! 

I'm wearing yoga capris underneath because I didn't want to drag out the chemise. Also, we are in the middle of a heat wave and it's hoooooootttttt!!!

So this is the most recent thing I've made. Next up on my list is a walking out dress to use with this bustle! I'm so excited and now I just need to save!

Hustle and Bustle!

Almost all caught up! This is my first bustle that I made. It's from Truly Victorian (seriously she makes the best patterns!) I believe it's TV108. It might also be TV101. I have both haha. This wasn't too tricky although the ruffles were annoying. I got the hang of them have way through. 

I also find that I don't like using hook and eye closures on any undergarments so I use a drawstring. It works well and can easily be hidden to make the front flush. You can also see where I got a little excited and missed some material sewing. I would still wear this out under a dress though. 

Here's the other side! I love the way it stick out in the back. I've yet to try it with skirts so I have no idea how well it will hold up.  The pattern is simple enough to follow. I don't think there were any super tricky bits. One of these days I will have a dress to wear over it!

Corsetry 101

Oh my! You're back! Next up is my corset! I have to say that I'm incredibly proud of this piece as it is quite technical and it's perfect! I just have to finish the raws edges (hide them with bias tape) and it'll be done! So happy!

I don't think I have any WIP pictures of it. Mostly because I was so excited about getting through and finishing it! 

It was made with Laughing Moon's Silverado Pattern (I believe) and this too was a fantastic pattern to use! Well written instructions and lots of tips and trips with regards to fitting.

I used the regular amount of boning suggested in the patterns so it's not too lightly boned and also not too heavy. I used high quality plastic boning from farthingales. The lining is coutil twill and the fashion fabric is a heavy duty fabric of some kind. (It was on clearance for a good amount so I wasn't asking too many questions!) 

The scariest part of the whole business was sewing in the metal busk. I will admit I was leaning back from the machine quite a bit but I took it slow and go it in there nice and tight! The toughest part was those grommets! I ended up sitting in my garage with a blanket hammering on the concrete! But I got them in there! 

The back is laced with actual corset lace so that I could do it up tight and it will actually hold. It takes  off about 2-3 inches at my waist and completely hides my belly.  I need my husband to do it up though. Haven't quite figured out how to do it myself. 

Here it is on my husband's dress form. I don't have one yet. It obviously doesn't fit the form properly but it was enough for me to get a picture! 

This is just a closeup.

Here it it is actually on me! I love how it feels. I do it up tight and I can still move and breathe. Bending forwards is a little tricky but it can be done. The shift underneath is also from Laughing Moon and is also unfinished. One of these days I will finished a chemise. I swear!

Side profile all nice and flat. I love the curve in the back. I don't honestly know if it's supposed to be there but I love how I look and feel. So sexy!

I slowed down a bit after my corset and got away from sewing. (Life didn't help the situation at all) but I have two more things to show you! Next I think will be my first bustle!

A Grin for my Crinoline!

Hello! I have forgotten in what order I did my projects so I'm just going to post them all as I remember them! So the first on my list is my Crinoline!

It is so pretty! There are two hoops missing because I needed to secure them in properly but the overall shape is there. I really enjoyed using the PVC piping as it's quite light weight. I used the Truly Victorian pattern (this is the first purchased pattern I made). I love her patterns! The instructions are easy to follow and the quality of the paper is fantastic! Some of the hoops are out of shape but it's a simple matter of working them into a perfect round circle. I don't have too many pictures of my hoops. (None close up at least) But I do have this one! It's the hoops with the petticoat over top! Also pictured is my corset which will be the next post!

Apparently I didn't take the time to fluff out the petticoat before I took this picture... Oops!

So Many Missed Posts!

Wow! I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted on my blog! I've finished four projects and haven't posted them! Well. I guess I shall get started!