Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Tounure fit for Royalty!

Phew! I'm all caught up! I just finished this today! It took me about 6 hours (I took a break to bake a cake!) and was awesome! I just need a moment to say: Oh my god! This is such a fantastic item! I love how it fits and sits and it's so light and comfy! It's Truly Victorian's (see a pattern here? haha pun intended!) TV163 Imperial Tounure! It went together so easily!

This is the ruffles pinned on just before sewing. The boning channels are already on and I think they may have been the trickiest bit just because the material kept wanting to fold around them. 

The ruffles sewn on! They look so nice and add a nice flair to the bottom.

Yay it's one! My camera isn't too clear (not sure why, I just cleaned it) but the front is nice. I like how it is open in the front and the sides keep it from slipping around.

The back! It's so bumped out! This pattern comes in two sizes: Regular and Imperial which is bigger. I chose to make the Imperial because I wanted nice a big in the back! 

I got my hubby to take these pictures! It looks just like a lobster tail! It's fantastic! It also feels like it can hold up a lot of weight! 

I'm wearing yoga capris underneath because I didn't want to drag out the chemise. Also, we are in the middle of a heat wave and it's hoooooootttttt!!!

So this is the most recent thing I've made. Next up on my list is a walking out dress to use with this bustle! I'm so excited and now I just need to save!

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