Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hustle and Bustle!

Almost all caught up! This is my first bustle that I made. It's from Truly Victorian (seriously she makes the best patterns!) I believe it's TV108. It might also be TV101. I have both haha. This wasn't too tricky although the ruffles were annoying. I got the hang of them have way through. 

I also find that I don't like using hook and eye closures on any undergarments so I use a drawstring. It works well and can easily be hidden to make the front flush. You can also see where I got a little excited and missed some material sewing. I would still wear this out under a dress though. 

Here's the other side! I love the way it stick out in the back. I've yet to try it with skirts so I have no idea how well it will hold up.  The pattern is simple enough to follow. I don't think there were any super tricky bits. One of these days I will have a dress to wear over it!


  1. It'll hold up :-) mine is 10 years old and still like new

    1. Sweet! Although I like how the Tounure feels sooooooo much more!