Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Grin for my Crinoline!

Hello! I have forgotten in what order I did my projects so I'm just going to post them all as I remember them! So the first on my list is my Crinoline!

It is so pretty! There are two hoops missing because I needed to secure them in properly but the overall shape is there. I really enjoyed using the PVC piping as it's quite light weight. I used the Truly Victorian pattern (this is the first purchased pattern I made). I love her patterns! The instructions are easy to follow and the quality of the paper is fantastic! Some of the hoops are out of shape but it's a simple matter of working them into a perfect round circle. I don't have too many pictures of my hoops. (None close up at least) But I do have this one! It's the hoops with the petticoat over top! Also pictured is my corset which will be the next post!

Apparently I didn't take the time to fluff out the petticoat before I took this picture... Oops!

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